20 Reasons for the Uniqueness of the Bible

  1. The Bible is the only book in the world that offers objective evidence to be the Word of God. Only the Bible gives real proof of its divine inspiration.
  2. The Bible is the only religious Scripture in the world that is inerrant.
  3. The Bible is the only ancient book with documented scientific and medical prevision. No other ancient book is ever carefully analyzed along scientific lines, but many modern books have been written on the theme of the Bible and modern science.
  4. The Bible is the only religious writing that offers eternal salvation as a free gift entirely by God’s grace and mercy.
  5. The Bible is the only major ancient religious writing whose complete textual preservation is established as virtually autographic.
  6. The Bible contains the greatest moral standards of any book.
  7. Only the Bible begins with the creation of the universe by divine fiat and contains a continuous, if often brief and interspersed, historical record of mankind from the first man, Adam, to the end of history.
  8. Only the Bible contains detailed prophecies about the coming Savior of the world, prophecies which have proven true in history.
  9. Only the Bible has a totally realistic view of human nature, the power to convict people of their sin, and the ability to change human nature.
  10. Only the Bible has unique theological content, including its theology proper (the trinity; God’s attributes); soteriology (depravity, imputation, grace, propitiation atonement, reconciliation, regeneration, union with Christ, justification, adoption, sanctification, eternal security, election, etc.); Christology (the incarnation, hypostatic union); pneumatology (the Person and work of the Holy Spirit); eschatology (detailed predictions of the end of history); ecclesiology (the nature of the church as Christ’s bride and in a spiritually organic union with Him); etc.
  11. Only the Bible offers a realistic and permanent solution to the problem of human sin and evil.
  12. Only the Bible has its accuracy confirmed in history by archeology, science, etc.
  13. The internal and historical characteristics of the Bible are unique in its unity and internal consistency despite production over a 1500-year period by 40-plus authors in three languages on three continents discussing scores of controversial subjects, yet having agreement on all issues.
  14. The Bible is the most translated, purchased, memorized, and persecuted book in history. For example, it has been translated into some 1700 languages.
  15. Only the Bible is fully one-quarter prophetic, containing a total of some 400 complete pages of predictions.
  16. Only the Bible has withstood 2000 years of intense scrutiny by critics and not only survived the attacks but prospered and had its credibility strengthened by such criticism. (Voltaire predicted that the Bible would be extinct within 100 years, but within 50 years Voltaire was extinct and his house was a warehouse for the Bibles of the Geneva Bible Society.)
  17. Only the Bible has molded the history of Western civilization more than any other book. The Bible has had more influence in the world than any other book.
  18. Only the Bible has a Person-specific (Christ-centered) nature for each of its 66 books, detailing the Person’s life in prophecy, type, antitype, etc., 400 to 1500 years before that Person was ever born.
  19. Only the Bible proclaims a resurrection of its central figure that can be proven in history.
  20. Only the Bible provides historic proof that the one true God loves mankind.

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