A Martyr’s Final Poem

By: Tom Doyle; ©2013
Jesus is awakening the Muslim world through dreams and visions. Tom Doyle, shares with us how Muslims are coming to faith in Christ and are being killed because of their profession of faith. He shares the story of Fatima, a woman in Saudi Arabia and her final words before she died as a martyr.

In Program 2 of How is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?, special guest Tom Doyle shares the story or Fatima, a woman in Saudi Arabia who came to faith in Christ and was killed by her brother (a member of the secret police) as a result of her profession. Just before she dies she writes a poem to share with the world.

Doyle: You know Fatima, when we look back over the course of her life, she really looks like someone that you would read about in Hebrews 11, the hall of faith. What a woman of God! She grew up in the religion of Islam, was not satisfied, could not connect with God. And in her 20s she has a job; she’s finished college; and she starts to search on the Internet and she comes across some Christian sites and starts to hear more about Jesus. She’s fascinated about this phenomenon of Muslims having dreams about Jesus. She’s even praying that she would have one, but she’s dialoguing on the Internet back and forth with people that have experienced Jesus, that have fallen in love with Him, have committed their lives to Him and are willing to die for Him. And over time she realizes the truth as she reads the Word of God, pieces of it, on the Internet: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” It was powerful in Fatima’s life. She comes to faith in Christ and is being discipled on the Internet.

Now, John, she was never able to attend a local church, but yet she grew in her faith with her spiritual family that she connected with around the world. She even sent out blogs under different names.

Meanwhile she has a brother that works for the secret police. She lives in a very, very strong fundamental city in Saudi Arabia. And often times, as happens with Muslims that come to faith in Christ, something tips off their family. Something gives them away. And it was her countenance. See, the fruit of the Spirit comes in. Paul says in Ephesians that the Spirit comes in at salvation, and that love, joy and peace was seen on her expression. Her brother didn’t like it, started to investigate in her computer when she was gone at work one day, and found out several Christian sites. And when she came home for dinner that night he confronted her, and he said, “Are you a Christian?” And she said, “I’m following Jesus if that’s what you mean.” And he said, “Because you’ve said that, you have two hours. Give me your cell phone. You’re not allowed to call anyone. Go to your room and in two hours I’m going to kill you, and the family will be present.”

She gives the cell phone. She goes to her room. But he didn’t take her computer and she wrote a final poem and sent it out over the Internet. It’s a martyr’s final poem. And what amazes me, John, is this is a woman that had not walked with Jesus that long, but looked at death square in the face and said, “I’m not afraid.” She said, “Your swords, they do not concern me. I’m not afraid because Jesus, my Messiah, is my protector. He’s the Lord of the world.” Two hours later her brother came in, took her out in the street, did terrible things to her, killed her in public view.

And, you know, you look at that life, that short life that she lived for Jesus, and what an impact she made as that poem went literally around the world. And this young little sweet girl that grew up in Islam, that found Jesus, within months of her faith in Christ was ready to die for Him. And she did. This is a hero of our faith. With all that was around her, all the threat, all that she knew would probably eventually take her life, but she walked with Jesus with a passion. She never looked back. That’s what God can do in the life of a Muslim once they’re willing to take the risk to follow Jesus as their Lord and Savior and make the break. And she did; she’s one of these women that you just one day in heaven want to meet, and really hear the full story.

A Martyr’s Final Poem

by Fatima May the Lord Jesus guide you, 0 Muslims, and enlighten your hearts that you might love others. We do not worship the cross, and we are not insane. We worship the Lord Jesus, the light of the world. We left Muhammad, and we are no longer on his path. We follow Jesus the Messiah, the clear truth. And truly we love our homeland, and we are not traitors. We take pride that we are Saudi citizens. How could we betray our homeland and our dear people?? How could we, when for death for Saudi, we are ready??? The homeland of my grandfathers and their glories are for which I am writing these odes. And we say, “Proud, proud, proud we are to be Saudis.” We chose our way, the way of the guided. And every man is free to choose which religion. Be content to leave us alone to be believers in Jesus. Leave us to live in grace until our time comes. My tears are on my cheek and, oh! The heart is sad for those who became Christians, how you are so cruel! And the Messiah says: “Blessed are the persecuted.” And we for the sake of Christ all things bear. What is it to you that we are infidels? Enough-your swords do not concern me, nor evil, nor disgrace. Your threats do not trouble me, and we are not afraid. And by God, I am unto death a Christian-verily I cry “for what passed by of a sad life. I was far from the Lord Jesus for many years. Oh History, record and bear witness, Oh witnesses! We are, Christians-in the path of Christ we tread. Take from me this word, and note it well. You see Jesus is my Lord, and He is the Best of Protectors. I advise you to pity yourself, to clap your hands in mourning. See your ugly hatred look. Where is the humanity, the love, where are you? As to my last words, I pray, to the Lord of the worlds. Jesus is the Messiah, the Light of clear Guidance. That He changes notions, and sets the scales of justice aright. And that He spread Love among you, Oh Muslims.

Doyle, T. (2012). Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, p.60-61.

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