An Advent Challenge

Are you ready for an Advent challenge? In Timothy Keller’s book Jesus the King, he explains,

“When I went through confirmation classes in my church, I had to memorize Scripture. But during college the Bible came alive in a way that was hard to describe. The best way I can put it is that, before the change, I pored over the Bible, questioning and analyzing it. But after the change it was as if the Bible, or maybe Someone through the Bible, began poring over me, questioning and analyzing me.”[1]

A few pages later Keller makes this comment: “Though as a youth I had believed that the Bible was the Word of the Lord, I had not personally met the Lord of the Word. As I read the Gospels, he became real to me.”[2]

Here’s my challenge: In 30 days, reading three chapters a day, you can read all four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Would it be worth a few minutes of your day to put yourself into the hands of the One who will help you examine your life? Would it be worth 15 minutes of your day to have Jesus become real to you?

How much richer will your Christmas be this year if you come to a deeper understanding of Jesus the King and what His life and death mean for you—now and for all eternity?

Resources to help you read the Gospels in 30 days:

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