Christianity rests solidly on facts you can use to defend your faith against skeptics and people who discredit your faith.

5 Ways to Naturally Share Your Faith

By Dillon Burroughs | April 29, 2021

Talking about our faith can be tough. How can we get started in sharing how someone can come to faith in God? The following five options offers some ways you…

Why Did Jesus Enter Jerusalem on a Donkey?

By Jeff Pallansch | March 23, 2021

Why did Jesus enter Jerusalem on a Donkey? Why didn’t He ride in on a horse? Or why didn’t He simply walk like He does everywhere else in the Gospels?…

Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin

By R.L. Wilson | January 27, 2021

“Let us mark what kind of Being the Redeemer of mankind must needs be, in order to provide eternal…

How Does God Use Evil for Good?

By Dillon Burroughs | January 27, 2021

How does God work in times of trouble? How does God use evil for Good?