Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Christ Among Other gods

When it comes to religious leaders, Jesus Christ is different from all the others in some important ways.

What makes Jesus Christ different? What can we learn from Jesus about truth? Is some truth more true than other truth?

The greatest human need, Erwin Lutzer explains, is not to have gurus or prophets to tell you how to live. What we need is someone who can actually forgive our sins, introduce us to God, and declare us righteous before God.  In this series Dr. Lutzer will explain why Jesus-and no other religious leader-is able to fulfill that greatest need.


"The great human need is not for us to have prophets and gurus who tell us, you know, take this path, or live this way, or live this way. What we need is someone who is actually able to forgive our sins, introduce us to God, and declare us to be as righteous as God Himself is…. and only Jesus meets that qualification."

Dr. Erwin Lutzer

"The simple fact is this: that the same laws of logic and truth that operate in the real world where we exist also are true for Christianity and other religions. For example, 2 plus 2 is equal to 4. Is that just a Western idea? No, it's also an Eastern idea. As a matter of fact, 2 plus 2 is equal to 4 is believed throughout the whole world. And so there is such a thing as universal truth, and we must recognize that. And we simply can't have our own truth."

Dr. Erwin Lutzer

"We are so overwhelmed by all of our difficulties, by sickness, by discouragement, by relational issues. But if we concentrate on Jesus, if we remember that He is always there for us, willing to give us a hand, willing to walk with us on our troubled waters. He is the one who helps us all the way to the shore."

Dr. Erwin Lutzer
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Dr. Erwin Lutzer


Dr. Erwin Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of The Moody Church in Chicago where he served as the Senior Pastor for 36 years. A renowned theologian, Dr. Lutzer earned his BTh from Winnipeg Bible College, a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and an MA in philosophy from Loyola University. He is an award-winning author of many books including We Will Not Be Silenced, and the featured speaker on three radio programs that can be heard on more than 750 national and international outlets.