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Thank you for joining us in our partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing, we have reached more than 2.5 million people in 40 countries and 124 languages with God's Word. With 2.8 billion people still waiting to hear the gospel, we still have a great opportunity in front of us. Help today and your gift will be matched, doubling your impact!


You Can Help Others Hear God's Word

These audio Bibles make it possible for those who cannot read, or do not have a Bible in their language, to hear God's Word. Your gifts enable people to meet around God's Word in a variety of ways including weekly groups,  which can be started with just one Audio Proclaimer and grow into local churches. In fact, Faith Comes by Hearing shared with us how, in the country of Myanmar, one Audio Proclaimer reached over 10,000 people. Through these listening groups, people are beginning a relationship with God every day. We realize that everyone can not physically go and take God's Word to those who need to hear, but through giving you can join us and help those who need Him most, to know Jesus.

Why Are Audio Bibles Vital In These Countries?

  • Audio Bibles are essential in areas where many people are unable to read a printed Bible.
  • Audio Bibles are vital in villages where oral communication is primary.
  • Audio Proclaimer is helpful in places where there is a significant shortage of pastors to teach God's Word.
  • Audio Proclaimers are used to start listening groups, where people will listen to the entire New Testament and discuss it.
  • Audio Bibles provide access to Scripture that will transform lives into Christ-likeness.

How Can You Make a Difference In These Countries Today?



In order to help provide access to the Bible to people in each of theses areas, a generous donor has provided a matching gift. For a limited time your gift will be matched product for product. Will you help us send audio Bibles in the heart language of each region?

Each of these Audio Bibles has the ability to share God's Word, scroll through to explore how each one works in a unique way, fulfilling the needs of those who have never heard the Gospel.

SD Card

With your gift of $30, a micro-SD Card will be provided to a pastor or Christian worker overseas. When these micro-SD Cards are inserted into mobile phones, people can hear the Word of God in their own language.

SD Card and Biblestick

As a thank you for your gift of $100, a micro-SD Card containing the Bible for the mobile phone of a pastor, and a BibleStick for people living in refugee camps will be provided.

Audio Proclaimer

As a thank you for your gift of $500, an Audio Proclaimer will be provided for a pastor in a foreign language. Over 1,000 people at a time can clearly hear this special audio device.

3 SD Cards, 3 Biblesticks, & Audio Proclaimer

As a thank you for your gift of $1,000, the following will be provided: 3 micro-SD cards, 3 BibleSticks, and 1 Audio Proclaimer.


Between finding a native speaker, recording with mother-tongue speakers, editing, and final production --recording a chapter of Scripture is a large task.  When you fund the recording of a chapter of the New Testament, you make that process easier, giving millions the ability to hear the Bible in their own language for the first time.



In India almost 80% percent of the population is Hindu. In fact, the need for audio Bibles is especially great in this nation, because although the Bible has been translated into all 22 major languages, 50% to 70% of the Indian people are functionally illiterate and can't read a simple newspaper. Audio bibles can bring God's Word to these people.


Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, has over 500 languages spoken amongst 200 million people, and audio bibles have the ability to reach each of them.  The nation is dealing with an ongoing conflict between the largely "Christian" south and the Islamic north. Much of the north is now under sharia law with the resulting abuse of human rights. Religious and tribal rivalries make life difficult for many in this African nation.


The second largest refugee camp in the world, the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp in Uganda is home to many people who have nothing. Our partners at Faith Comes by Hearing describe how the neediest people in the world that have lost everything, people who have never had a Bible or heard the words of Jesus, react with joy when they hear the words of Jesus on an audio proclaimer for the very first time in their lives.


Myanmar and Cambodia are two countries within the SE Asia region where God is moving the hearts of people. Both nations are overwhelmingly Buddhist, making evangelism incredibly challenging-but not impossible. Cambodia is experiencing a rare measure of peace after years of war, genocide and government oppression. One result of the terrible violence is that roughly half the total population is under 21 and uneducated. Myanmar has also suffered because of government oppression. There is also a very strong opposition to the gospel from those who hold to Buddhism.


Christians working to share God's Word with the people of Peru often face challenges because of the difficulties navigating the terrains of the regions where people live, from the jungle of the Amazon River to the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains. Further, many people in Peru aren't able to read, which means the only way they can know God's Word is some form of an audio Bible. The people of Peru still need between 3 to 5000 audio Bibles to reach those who have never heard of Jesus or had a Bible in their own language.


In Ethiopia, there are 90 languages, and the literacy rate is only 49% among adults, so many cannot read. Further, 58 languages still do not have an audio recording of the Bible in their own language, so millions have never heard the Gospel. FCBH has shared incredible stories of how Ethiopian lives have been changed through hearing audio devices such as Proclaimers.


Known for its beauty due to its many islands, volcanoes and beaches, the Philippines is home to 107 million people who speak 175 different languages. However, within the cities there are large sectors of the population who live in extreme poverty, many within the garbage dumps. The need for reaching these people with God's Word is great.

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