Tonight, 2.8 Billion people will go to bed having never heard about Jesus...

They will wake up tomorrow morning with no idea that their Creator loves them - that He died to forgive them of their sins and desires to restore them to Himself.

This is why we have partnered with FCBH, a ministry seeking to reach those who have never heard about Jesus by providing audio Bibles in their heart language. And because of your generous response over the last few years, there are now just over 5.4 million people sitting in listening groups each week hearing the Bible for the very first time. It is estimated that half of them, about 2.6 million people, have become new believers.

How Audio Bibles are created



This is no small task. It takes years - often decades - of prayer, study, and sacrifice. There are some amazing groups such as Wycliff, Seed Company, and Pioneer Ministries which have taken on this task. And since many who speak these remaining languages are functionally illiterate - with a number of languages not even having a written form - translation ministries have recruited FCBH to help.

Together they have come up with a translation tool called "Render." It allows native speakers to record audio translations from other audio files and pictures without needing to create a new system of writing. By doing this, Render is able to sidestep many of the obstacles which slow down the translation process without sacrificing its accuracy.





If a translation is completed in written form, it is then sent to FCBH to be recorded by native speakers.

FCBH has traditionally done this through field recordings. This involves sending international teams out in the field where the language is spoken. They arrive with all the necessary equipment and help guide native speakers through the process of recording a word-for-word, multi-voice, dramatized audio Bible.

Recently, they have also developed a way of doing this with no international team on site. They call these virtual recordings. They allow nationals to record segments of Scripture on their own and then upload them to FCBH. This is particularly helpful when dealing with restricted countries where teams cannot be sent in. It also allows thousands of languages to be in progress at once.





Once the recordings have been sent in, FCBH's team in Albuquerque, NM pieces them together with dramatized audio effects. The completed version is then loaded onto devices like Proclaimers and shipped to their designated countries. There, nationals are trained in how to use them to start listening groups. Many of them risk their lives to bring God's Word to their communities.




Device Creation

The completed version is then loaded onto devices like Proclaimers and shipped to their designated countries. There, nationals are trained in how to use them to start listening groups. Many of them risk their lives to bring God's Word to their communities. The vision and goal is for every language to have at least a portion of the Bible available in an accessible form by 2033. Only as we all work together under God's blessing will this be possible.



Ibrahim from BURKINA FASO

"I am a pastor, and my family and I live near the border of Niger. Along with other church members, we meet in the evenings at our home to listen to God's Word because of the ongoing violence and insecurity in the region. We can no longer gather in our churches, as many people have been killed. Despite these difficult times, the Audio Bible has been a great blessing for families and small groups. I am thankful for this wonderful evangelistic tool."

Mariam from MALI

"I have been a widow for many years, and hearing the Word of God in my mother tongue has been a great comfort to me. Before, I felt hopeless, tired, and worn out. Then, I heard Jesus say, 'Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' His Word has given me hope, and I have put my confidence in Jesus Christ. Now, my heart is joyful and at peace."  

Nina from CAMEROON

"My name is Nina, and I am 12 years old. One afternoon going home from school, I saw a large gathering of people outside the door of a local church, and in the center was a small black device. It piqued my curiosity, so I drew closer. To my surprise, the device was speaking in my language. I had never heard about Jesus until that day, but knew I wanted to hear more. After school, I continued to stop by and listen along until my mother asked me why I was getting home so late. I told her about the listening group and the Audio Bible. The next day, she went to the church and listened too. After that, our whole family joined the group. We are discovering many things in the Word of God that we did not know before. We thank all those who are sending these devices to our community." 

Audio Bibles Are Vital in Unreached Countries

Audio Bibles are essential in areas where many people are unable to read a printed Bible and in villages where oral communication is primary.

Audio Proclaimers are helpful in places where there is a significant shortage of pastors to teach God's Word. Proclaimers are used to start listening groups, where people will listen to the entire New Testament and discuss it.

Audio Bible Products


SD Cards

Micro SD cards are small memory devices that are loaded with the Word of God translated into the needed language, and provided to a pastor or a Christian worker overseas. When these micro SD cards are inserted into mobile phones, people can hear the Word of God in their own language. Because of their size, it is easy for micro SD cards to be passed from person to person. Several people are often impacted by hearing the audio Bible that was loaded onto just one micro SD card. Many people are hearing the Bible in their heart language for the very first time.

Military BibleStick


BibleSticks are personal digital players that are battery-powered and come loaded with an audio Bible. BibleSticks are approved for military use, distributed by US military chaplains, and are provided for the men and women in our armed forces in English and Spanish. Other BibleSticks are sent to refugee camps to be given to people that are desolate, hurting, and in need of the truth of God's Word in their language. Whether these BibleSticks are being used on the front lines of battle or in the midst of a crowded refugee camp, they offer hope and light in a place that would otherwise be dark, through the power of God's Word.


Audio Proclaimers

The Proclaimer is a solar-powered digital player, preloaded with an audio Bible in the local heart language, and is designed for the sole purpose of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations. Used in church services, villages, and listening groups around the world, the Proclaimer provides thousands of hours of Bible listening, discussion, and discipleship, allowing people to become saturated with God's Word and learn what it is to follow Jesus with the Holy Spirit's guidance.

SD Card and biblestick


Providing three different audio Bible devices, the audio Bible bundle gives the gift of 3 SD cards, 3 BibleSticks, and an audio Proclaimer. The SD Cards can be placed in phones (without internet access) so people can hear God's Word in their heart language. BibleSticks are used by soldiers in the field to listen to God's Word, and are also widely used in refugee camps, allowing people to hear the gospel in their own language, often passing them from person to person. Audio Proclaimers are designed to be heard by larger groups of people, allowing entire communities to gather and listen to God's Word.

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