Life's darkest and most challenging seasons often happen when we least expect them. How do we trust God through these tough times?

These resources from Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Michael Easley will help you when the struggles you face are too much to bear on your own.

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Where Is God When Life Hurts?

Guests Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Michael Easley are no strangers to pain and suffering. Joni has spent nearly 50 years in a wheelchair while Michael has endured numerous back surgeries and lives with chronic pain. In Where is God When Life Hurts?, Joni and Michael explain how they have learned to trust God in the midst of their suffering and how they continue to believe in Him as a good and loving Father. They discuss why God heals some yet not others, how to have strength when your health experiences ever increasing setbacks, and what to do if your illness or disability will be with you the rest of your life.

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How Can God Help You Deal with Chronic Pain, Disability, and Illness?

In this series you will experience the inspiring stories of Joni Eareckson Tada and Michael Easley along with what the Bible shares about the reasons for suffering and how God helps in our times of pain. God does not allow pain in our lives without reason. He also does not leave us without hope or His presence. The question is not "Why?" but "How can we live with the sufferings of this life?

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God's Comfort When You Are Discouraged, Depressed and Fear the Future.

In this series Dr. Ankerberg talks with Joni and Michael about three neglected issues facing those who suffer. First he asks them, "How do you go on when there is nothing but you, God, and pain?" Second, "Does the Bible teach that it is God's will to heal all those who truly come to Him in faith? Will He always say yes to our requests for healing?" Third, "How do you keep from going back into depression when you experience setbacks? What promises does God make to us of eternity with Christ and a new body free from pain?" These and many more questions are discussed with honesty and biblical hope for all those facing the uncertainties of life now and in the future.

God is there for you when you are going through struggles.

When we are going through life's darkest and most challenging times, we need to be reminded of God's love for us and the truth He gives us in His Word. These three series will be a resource and a comfort if you are facing challenges that feel too difficult to bear. Joni and Michael come alongside you in each of these series as people who have traveled this difficult road before, offering insight and encouragement. These three DVD's are available as a package for a gift of $99.


Learn how to lean on God during your hardships

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