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Women of the Faith | May 2024 | Issue 3

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For more than a decade we have been working alongside Morgan Jackson and Faith Comes By Hearing to see the Bible translated into every one of the 7,140 languages of the world, then distributed to those who need to hear.

That’s a lofty goal we admit, and it may seem overwhelming. But, in fact, it is very possible that we can accomplish that goal and have at least some portion of Scripture in every language of the world within the next 10 years!

Part of that goal is the work that Morgan is doing along with multiple translation agencies who have been working tirelessly for many decades putting together a written language where none had previously existed. The agencies went on to produce printed copies of those Scriptures.

But what the traditional translators have recognized is that a significant number of people in these lesser-reached or unreached groups are functionally illiterate. Even if a Bible was printed in their language, they would be unable to read it and to learn from it. 

Thankfully, a new method of translating languages called “oral-to oral translation” is now enabling dedicated Christian workers to directly translate Scripture from one language into another without having to create a written alphabet. Instead, the work is done completely orally. This has carved literally decades off the time it has traditionally taken to produce a new translation.

Once those translations are done, either by traditional methods or using the oral-to-oral method, Morgan’s team at Faith Comes By Hearing takes those translated Scriptures, puts together a cast of speakers, and creates audio files of the Bible. These are combined with music and sound effects to create an oral word-for-word Bible in a story form that is especially attractive to illiterate people. These audio files are then ready to be put on devices, which we call Proclaimers, that have solar panels so they can be used in remote areas where no electricity exists.

Literally whole villages will gather to listen to God’s Word as it is spoken through the black box, in their own heart language. And the response is amazing. As people listen, many invite Christ into their lives and become believers. Their character is transformed from drunkenness, abuse, and addiction, into people who begin to reflect the character of God. All that happens because they hear and believe the Word of God which is “alive and active. It is sharper than any double-edged sword, and penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

But the next stage of this project is where you come in. Someone has to provide the funds to produce these Proclaimers. Someone has to pay for the process of loading heart languages onto these devices and sending them out. We have committed, with your help, to providing the funds to accomplish this vital step.

We have been spending time on our TV programs to tell you about what God is doing around the world with those devices which you have already provided. We are thrilled to tell you that as of now, 17,000,521 people in 83 countries, speaking 253 different languages, have been able to hear God’s Word on the Audio Bibles which you have provided.

Even more exciting, an estimated 50% of those people who have heard God speak to them through a Proclaimer for the first time have actually made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior. That’s an estimated 8.5 million new members of God’s heavenly family as a direct result of your gifts. Heaven must be rejoicing!

But the need continues. There are still about 2,000 languages and 1.3 billion people who need to hear. That’s why any gift you can give toward an audio Proclaimer is so very important. And right now, we have a special donor who has agreed to match every device you give, device for device.

So, if you give to fund one Proclaimer, two will actually be sent. If you give toward two Proclaimers, four will actually be sent. Since about 90 people will hear each Proclaimer, and about 45 of those will come to Christ, you do the math! The more you can give, the more people will hear about God’s gracious gift, and the more people will put their faith in Him.

Won’t you take a moment to pray about it, then consult the enclosed card and give the most generous gift you are able to send?

Millions of people are still without God’s Word. They have never heard the gospel even once. We are very thankful for what you have done, and what you will do to see God’s Word go out.

Till all have heard,

John and Darlene Ankerberg


This month our staff wanted to share their picks with you for our focus on women of the faith. A fun fact about the Marketing and Web team of The John Ankerberg Show is that it is made up of mothers and fathers of small children, full-time seminary students, and those involved in full-time ministry in their churches. These life perspectives have us excited to dive in and learn all we can about the Women of the Faith and then share it with you!

I have always found it interesting that in a male-dominated culture, Jesus first appeared to women after the resurrection. It is amazing that these women would be used by God throughout history to lend credibility to the resurrection accounts!


Teaching my young daughters (ages 7 and 5) about Jesus and His life brings up questions about the importance of Mary, His mother. They are often confused about whether she was more important than Jesus because she was His parent. This article has been a valuable resource in helping me navigate their confusion by presenting Mary's character and her role, simply as it is portrayed in Scripture.

- Adrienne

Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright exemplify 2 Timothy 1:5 in this episode of More to The Story! They share how impactful it was on their relationship with God to watch their mothers study God's Word daily. Hearing these stories is a true example of women in the faith who inspire others to be faithful disciples of Jesus!

- Erin

Faithful Friends: Celebrating Inspirational Women

We are proud to highlight four Women of the Faith whom God has used to encourage, challenge and embolden us through their ministries. Our friends Anne Graham-Lotz, Joni Lamb, Rebecca Lutzer and Joni Eareckson-Tada are shining examples of faithfulness, courage, and perseverance. Through their books, teaching, and care for the vulnerable, these women have inspired countless Christians to follow their example as they follow Christ. We are honored to call them friends of our ministry, and truly appreciate their unwavering commitment to proclaiming the Gospel through their lives as well as their work.

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The value of a godly heritage

As we approach Mother's Day again this year, I am reminded of the godly heritage I was privileged to grow up in.

As a little girl I grew up on a farm in Indiana.  All the years I was growing up, my parents traveled around the world doing evangelistic meetings. This required them to be gone months at a time, so I lived on the farm with my grandmother and great-grandmother.  I watched my grandmother take care of her mother and was privileged to be loved, cared for and prayed for by both of them...


Prayers for Your Children and Grandchildren Downloadable Prayer Guide

The grandmother of one of our team members shared this list of topics and verses she prays over her children and grandchildren every morning. She openly testifies to the sweet time she spends with God in prayer over her family each day!

We often say "all we can do is pray" but in reality the greatest thing we can do for our children and grandchildren is to pray for them. Pray consistently and trust God to do His transforming work in them.  Whether your family is walking with God consistently or they are far from Him, we encourage you to pray!  It is through fervent prayer that lives are changed and it often begins with the one who is praying! 

Jesus in Me

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Jesus Followers

Jesus Followers offers practical ideas, biblical teaching, and inspiring true stories from Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright for effectively running the race of faith and passing the Baton of Truth to the next generation...