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March 20, 2024
To our followers in Christ:
As friends in Christ, our mission and vision are to spread the Word of God. We fulfill our ministry through your support, being 100 percent viewer-funded and invested in extending the Word of God to every corner of the world. 
We are responsible to the Lord for managing our resources so that the Bible and its lessons are available to all people, particularly those who lack access to the Word. More than 70 percent of our donations support partnerships like Faith Comes By Hearing and our weekly television program, which is globally seen and heard. Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing the message of God’s Word, and the message is heard through the word of Jesus.”
Donations to our ministry provide financial support for Audio Bibles and our televised outreach. For example, every Proclaimer a donor supported was provided as requested. Our weekly broadcast message shares information on the many ways that, together, we spread the Word of God.
While sharing the “Good News,” there are challenges that happen, and we have faced them. We know we are not alone and rely on our faith in Christ to navigate unexpected currents. 
There are false prophets. They have been here since the beginning and will be around us until the end. Matthew 7:15 says: “Be on your guard for false prophets. They come to you looking like sheep on the outside, but on the inside, they are really like wild wolves.” They seek to have people believe a lie. We saw this in someone motivated by greed, going after our donors’ money by making false statements. 
Within the Christian community, we assume people are honest. We were mistaken when we hired Andrew Jaeger as the Director of Donor Relations. We felt we were helping him, but his character showed something else. 
We learned a valuable lesson. Andrew Jaeger’s believability is more than whether he violated a severance agreement—a Hamilton County, Tennessee, circuit court has ruled that he did—there is much more. We were not aware of his record of embezzlement when he worked for the Ministry. He violated the trust of our Ministry and our donors. 
He was not a whistleblower; he is an opportunist. He chose not to complete the process set out in our whistleblower policy. He stole hundreds of donor records. He attempted to raise funds for his personal legal expenses. He was never truthful from the start.
We believe the basis for the ECFA decision came from the false claims made by Andrew Jaeger. These are our principles and our practices:
    • Transparency is important for our donors and ministry, and we have taken clarifying steps. We knew there were things we could do better, and we are.
    • There is value in evaluating operations and we have, improving ways to be more effective and efficient. We have grown as a business and our recent actions include expanding our board, revised financial controls, and more details on our use of funds. 
    • More than $6 million has been contributed for Faith Comes By Hearing to provide Audio Bibles, and an additional $1 million contribution was made in 2023. As a 100% viewer-funded, unrestricted gifts support our overall ministry outreach.
Our actions and resources lead people to Christ, provide answers to tough theological questions, proclaim biblical truth, encourage the believer, and challenge the skeptic. Thank you for being so supportive in sharing and spreading the Word of God to every corner of the globe.

Statement from The John Ankerberg Show:

There recently have been questions regarding our membership with ECFA. The Ministry is deeply disappointed in and disagrees with the actions and decision of ECFA, but our strong faith and trust in the Lord are the foundation of our commitment to what He has called us to do and help us navigate our disappointment.

When we learned of the ECFA review, we sought the opportunity for direct communication. We were denied. As a long-time ECFA member, we believed our request was reasonable, fair, and appropriate, particularly for a member with a history of good standing. If they had heard from us, they would have learned our donors know fully how their unrestricted gifts are being used to spread the Word of God. There also would have been a better understanding of improvements in our operations. But there was no interest.

These are the facts and how we serve as great stewards of our resources:

  • While donations to our ministry have never been restricted, they have always supported our ministry to extend the reach and knowledge of the Bible. One example you know well – over 14 million people in 83 countries with an Audio Bible. While the ECFA analysis was not provided, we have 10-years of data that support fulfillment of our mission. We remain willing to share the information.
  • Being 100% viewer funded, 80% of unrestricted donor gifts support our comprehensive ministry outreach. Believers and others interested in hearing and witnessing the Word of God are reached through sound, sight, and testimony – globally.
  • There were questions related to our Board and other governance issues. We have three family members and five external members on the Board. We are working to be more transparent, with several operational and organizational actions.
  • There were concerns raised about the Ministry's 2021 Form 990 resulting from inadvertent omissions which have been addressed in an amended Form 990 filed with the IRS.

After 40 years of ministry, now being falsely accused, the Bible is our guiding light. In Psalm 119:105, the psalmist writes that God’s Word provides us with His light as we navigate the journeys of our lives, even during times of darkness.

There recently have been issues in the press that we want to address.

Thank you for your support of our ministry to extend the reach of the Bible to all people of the world.

We do not understand and strongly disagree with the decision by ECFA. Their analysis was not provided to us. Donations to our ministry have never been restricted but always have been used to spread the Word of God throughout the world. That is what we have done and are doing. We have 10-years of data that support fulfillment of our stated mission to reach all the people with the Word of God.

There were questions related to our Board and other governance issues. We have 8 board members, five being external members and three family members.  We are actively working to be a more transparent organization through a series of operational and organizational actions.

Being 100% viewer funded, your unrestricted gift supports our ministry outreach. Today, we are sharing God’s Word in more than 200 countries and territories thanks to your support. The notion that our charitable gifts for Audio Bibles was never fulfilled is wrong and there are 14.5 million people who have received the Word of God from our ministry.

For over 40 years, almost every month and in every program, we share the Good News, and we ask for support. These are the facts, and we will be sharing more with you in the coming days.

Our donor resources are designed to lead people to Christ, provide answers to tough theological questions, proclaim biblical truth, encourage the believer, and challenge the skeptic. We are dedicated to continuing doing so.