The Unique Role of the Caregiver

In this session, we’ll hear how Ken Tada, husband of Joni Eareckson Tada, and Cindy Easley, wife of Dr. Michael Easley adjusted to the initial adjustments of becoming a caregiver and the challenges faced in the process.Together, these two couples provide years of experience and biblical wisdom vital to encourage those who serve in caregiving roles.


  1. Felix Montalvo on May 12, 2014 at 2:36 am

    I just want to thank God, for His timing.
    The topic of your program: Caregiver.
    Is awe inspiring for I take care of / work for some one that has Muscular Dystrphy and I can relate the sleep deprivation and where you do not know what part of the day it is unless you look at the clock.
    Now it has been sice 1997 since I have known Kristen we married (6/97) and then she asked for the divorce (9/03)which I reluctantly gave in and moved out and less than 3 months was asked to work for her.
    Full time basis I truely believe it is the emotional rollercoaster ride that you go through and the financial hardship that it gives to the care giver.
    I myself had to take Kristen for a mental evaluation because she has wanted to commit suicide, I could tell you stories. 1 time I left early from work (2002) and I found her driving her wheelchair, I asked what she was doing she said to go home and she be home shortly I reluctantly said NO. At which come to find out she was planning to go to the nearest train crossing and wait for the train to hit her.
    She has tried to trick caregivers to over medicate her saying that she was in pain. so you can imagine the instability in her but also the strain that is has cause on me.
    I know for a fact that without my help Kristen would have been in a worst state of being the thing that I see the lack of support for those caregivers that give of themselves and there is a psychological pull.
    The emotional turmoil that it take on the individual care giver when they see their beloved loose the ability of mobility and to communicate and the Hospital emergency room trips and stays and the family members that come out of the woodwork when she ends up in the emergency room but do not come for a visit when she is home.
    It does take alot. now you see this with some one that has a caregiver could you see the harsh reality for those that are institutionalized.
    This is a hard reality.
    I have witness hired caregivers steal money, medicine abused privileges and even commited fraud through stealing her credit cards and mind you this is only One person that i have know since 97 so could you imagine the horror stories that would be uncovered in the long run.

  2. Cathy Sims on May 12, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Dear Felix,

    Thank you for sharing some of the trials you have gone through as a caregiver. Joni has shared that many people treat their caregivers worse than anyone – when they are the ones sacrificing for them. The Lord will reward you for the love and care that you are giving – but for now you will not seem to be appreciated.

    May the Lord bless and encourage you as you care for someone that cannot care for themselves.

    Cathy at J A Show

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