The John Ankerberg Show is a daily radio program that discusses the historical accuracy of the life of Jesus, the Bible and how current issues stand up to Biblical history and Christianity.

Longtime friend of the John Ankerberg Show, the late Dr. Wayne Barber, provides in-depth verse by verse teaching from the Bible. Listen as Dr. Barber walks you through each passage, explaining how to experience the Christ Life as we live daily in God's grace.

A Moment with Michelle offers inspirational thoughts to spur you on in your daily walk with Christ. Michelle Ankerberg, daughter of Dr. John Ankerberg, offers encouragement from God’s Word to those who are juggling the many aspects and stresses of life. These moments will remind you of God’s faithfulness and offer practical applications of His word as you walk with Him.

The Ankerberg Minute airs nearly 700 times daily nationwide and provides quick answers from apologetics expert Dr. John Ankerberg. The Ankerberg Minute will boost your understanding of hundreds of key issues of the Christian faith including your daily Christian walk, the reliability of the Bible and what God is like.