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Here at the John Ankerberg Show we know how powerful prayer can be - both personally and as a ministry staff - as we have seen God answer prayers for things that seemed impossible at the time.

Likewise, praying for others can be one of the best gifts you can offer. Lots of people share prayer requests from around the world, and we have worked to facilitate a community of prayer warriors to commit to praying for these requests. A commitment to pray for these people and situations means so much to us and to the people sharing the requests. As Christians, this gives us the opportunity to share each other’s burdens and lift one another up before the Lord, even if we have never met in person.

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Son with very rare gastrointestinal disease & has a Central Venous Catheter tunneled into his heart vein to hook up Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) for 10 hours per day

Physical healing so he can eat food by mouth to live as presently all food uncontrollably flushes out of his bowels

Pray generational sins & curses be broken that he open his heart to Jesus

Pray to find right psychologist to deal with his life issues for his anxiety depression mental emotional & psychological healing

Received: August 31, 2022

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