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The Biblical Case for the Rapture of All Christians What is the rapture? What will take place at the time of this prophetic event? In this three-program series, you will learn why millions of Christians will suddenly be missing from the earth to meet Jesus in the air and then be taken to heaven. Second, you’ll discover why the power of world leadership will shift away from the United States to Europe. Third, we’ll share how a world leader will arise and proclaim he can bring peace and stability to the world. Fourth, we’ll discuss why the rapture will take place at any moment, before the tribulation period begins. We’ll walk verse by verse through the key biblical passages to help you better understand what Scripture teaches about the rapture. 5 Great Debates of the End Times The Bible discusses five great debates that have caused great curiosity among Christians.

Which nations does the prophet Ezekiel predict will come against Israel in the last days
Is it possible that the antichrist will be a Muslim?
What about replacement theology? Has the church really replaced Israel as the recipient of God’s promises and blessings?
Will the Jewish temple be rebuilt on the Temple Mount before Jesus returns?
What nations will be involved in the Battle of Armageddon?
What does the Bible teach about these 5 important future events? Join Dr. Ankerberg as he discusses these prophetic debates in three exciting programs.


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