More than one fourth of the Bible is prophetic in nature. Read through various interpretations, and learn what God's Word has to say about the future.

Coming Home Because of Christmas:
How the Exodus Prefigured in Abraham Points to Our Redemption in Christ

By Jeff Pallansch | November 29, 2022

I will never forget that snowy December evening as I sat by myself in an empty hotel restaurant. It was two days before Christmas and my flight from Canada back…

An Introduction to Biblical Prophecy – Part 3

By R.L. Wilson | February 2, 2022

Most people do not realize the utter uniqueness of biblical prophecy from the perspective of comparative religion. John Weldon has a PhD in comparative religion and has studied the religious writings and scriptures of some 80 religions. He can testify to the uniqueness of the Bible’s prophecies. Not once has he found the quality or detail of biblical prophecy in non-biblical literature.

An Introduction to Biblical Prophecy – Part 2

By R.L. Wilson | January 26, 2022

Many people today, even some Christians, think that the study of prophecy is of little or no relevance. Some further claim there are so many differing views on the subject that it’s difficult to know what to believe. Others argue biblical prophecy deals with general or obscure predictions that could mean anything to anyone. Thus, rather than consider prophecy of spiritual or apologetic value (apologetics involves the defense of the Christian faith), such individuals consider it more of a nuisance.

4 Reasons Biblical Prophecy Matters

By Dillon Burroughs | January 15, 2021

Many believe Biblical prophecy suggests the idea of future events that have little application…

The 3 Main Biblical Passages Concerning the Rapture

By Dillon Burroughs | January 15, 2021

Many people have heard about the rapture, but where does the Bible talk about this topic?…

Turning the World Upside Down

By The John Ankerberg Show | October 6, 2020

1 Who are “the elect” referred to in Matthew 24:31? Dr. Renald Showers: The question here is this: “Who are the elect that he gathers with a great sound of a…

Prophetic Signs of the Times: Is this the Beginning of the End?

By The John Ankerberg Show | April 1, 2020

The current coronavirus pandemic has the entire world on edge! Many are asking: Is this the judgment of God? Is it the beginning of the Great Tribulation? Will it lead…

Theology, Apologetics and Evangelism

By The John Ankerberg Show | January 10, 2011

 By: Dr. John G. Weldon; ©2011 I have long believed that theology and apologetics are critical to the spiritual health of the Church and yet they are, unfortunately, often neglected.…

What Nations will be Involved in the Military Attack Against Israel Predicted in Ezekiel 38?

By The John Ankerberg Show | June 23, 1996

In Ezekiel 38, God foretold that in the latter days, there would be a major military attack against the tiny State of Israel in the homeland once Israel would be…

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