The Case for Jesus the Messiah – Incredible Prophecies that Prove God Exists/Part 18

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The Uniqueness of the Messianic Prophecies

Editor’s Note: This material was first published in book form in 1989 by the John Ankerberg Evangelistic Association (now known as the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute).

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Uniqueness of Messianic porphecies

The uniqueness of the Messianic prophecies is seen in the following facts:

  1. Despite the vast time period and the large number of authors who have prophesied about the Messiah, the prophecies form a united and progressive revelation that is not contradictory.
  2. The Messianic prophecies are minute and specific in detail.
  3. Their content is unique in all of religious literature.
  4. Their fulfillment has been exact, but only in the Person of Jesus, not in any other prophet or events of Israel’s history.
  5. The events predicted were not expected and could never have been foreseen by men. This is evident from their number, combination and complexity.
  6. The prophecies were written hundreds of years before the events occurred.


It is only logical to conclude that if these Messianic prophecies were written hundreds of years before they occurred, and if they could never have been foreseen and depended upon factors outside human control for their fulfillment, and if all of these prophecies perfectly fit the Person and life of Jesus Christ, then Jesus had to be the Messiah.

This conclusion can be avoided only by denying that the prophecies exist, or denying that Jesus fulfilled them. The prophecies do exist, and even skeptics (whether or not they accept Him as Messiah) admit that they remarkably fit the life of Jesus.

After understanding the uniqueness of these prophecies and seeing their clear connection to Jesus Christ, you may wonder how anyone would still not be persuaded that Jesus is God’s Messiah.

Well, some still do deny this evidence and we will now look at their objections and briefly answer them.

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