They Couldn’t Handle the Truth

Here’s a profound thought from Iain Campbell:

“This Jesus, who says, “I am the truth”, is about to be crucified on the basis of a miscarriage of justice. The religious leaders are going to hire false witnesses to lie his way to the cross. This one who is truth, and who speaks the truth, and bears witness to the truth, is going to be taken by wicked hands and condemned by lying tongues and, in the greatest act of injustice and untruth that the world has ever known, he will be crucified.”[1]

What will you do with the Truth today? Will you be a witness for Him to those around you, or will you sacrifice the Truth on the cross of your own desires?

Think about it.

[1] Iain D. Campbell, Exploring the “I am” sayings of John’s Gospel (Evangelical Press, Kindle Edition).

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