Learn about different philosophies or ways of looking at the world so that you can more effectively witness to those who hold these particular ideas.

Is Karma Biblical?

By R.L. Wilson | September 22, 2020

In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. The actions of a person in this life (and previous lives) impact a person’s…

How Should Christians View Israel?

By Dillon Burroughs | December 18, 2019

Supporting Israel has often been a controversial view. Many Arab nations do not even accept Israel as a nation, Western nations often support Palestinians over Israel, while many simply do…

Love the Lord with All Your Mind: The Biblical Call to a Christian Worldview

By The John Ankerberg Show | September 8, 2018

Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind (Matthew 22:37). Many messages focus on…

Hypnosis – Moral Issues and Potential Dangers

By The John Ankerberg Show | August 14, 2016

By: Dr. John Ankerberg, Dr. John Weldon; ©2012 The argument is advanced that hypnosis itself is harmless and that potential complications arise only from the therapist who misuses the practice. But…

The Fatal Flaws of Moral Relativism

By The John Ankerberg Show | August 12, 2013

Introduction: The Reality of Moral Relativism – (The Problem of) Have you ever heard someone say, “What’s morally right for you may not be morally right for me or… what’s…

A Response to Philosophical Postmodernism

By The John Ankerberg Show | August 29, 2012

By: Dr. Norman Geisler; ©2012 The primary focus of Post-modernism is hermeneutics or how to interpret. The object of interpretation can be history, art, or literature, but deconstructing it is the…